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Studio 2

This post is dedicated to my progress in creating my senior project. Scroll down for each update.



Sept 30, 2021

This past week, I added a path on the mountain and also a small lake to the scene. I started on the look development and early lighting to see how it will look when doing the matte painting.

Sept 21, 2021

This weekend, I changed the cam move a bit and also added a new similar terrain to the scene. Here is the latest cam move:

I also started to work on the look dev and lighting so I could start seeing how it will look. Both the look dev and the lighting is still on the very early stages which eventually I would change. For the sky, I will create a sky replacement in Nuke. Here is the current render in Maya:

Sept 16, 2021

This couple days, I focus on creating the terrain and tried to block out the scene using simple geometry. For the terrain, I use World Creator to generate the terracing structure that I want.

For the block out and camera movement, here is the first rough version of it:

For the weekend, I will be keep refining the terrain and export it to Maya for the layout.

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