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Rotoscoping | Dancing Happily

This post is dedicated for my progress in creating my personal project.


In this project, I focused on creating an alpha from a stock footage. It took me quite a long time to have a great alpha because she moves a lot which makes this project a lot harder than I expected.

I also decided to do some roto clean up for this footage. My first step is to create a clean plate from a frame. I used RotoPaint to clone the background so that it could look like a clean plate. I choose frame 1 because it is just easier to track it from the first frame. After that, I hold this frame for the reference for the whole sequence.

Next, I roto the dancer to swap the dancer with the clean footage. I also did some camera tracking for the projection later on.

I used the camera from the tracked footage and copied it to use as the camera projection for the clean plate. I combined those two and here is the result of the cleanup breakdown:

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