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Procedural Building

Project 1 for VSFX 350

This post is dedicated for my progress in creating this project.


The final result for the procedural building tool:

Comparison image:

This building is the front entrance of the White House. It was created using Houdini and rendered using Mantra. I created all the parameters tool using VEX expression.

This tool allows user to customize the White House appearance. The building itself was divided into 2 sections: the side and the center. The parameters control all the width and depth for the building and the number of floors.

The screen capture of the whole Network View:

The black network box on the right side is the placeholder that I created for the windows and the door. Each colored network box contains different part of the building.

One of the codes that I wrote to generate the number of windows based on the width of the building:

Using VEX expression, I wrote similar codes depending on how I should copy the geometry along the building, whether it starts in the middle or on both sides of wall. I created parameters for the windows, the railings on the roof, the post at the front side, and the height of the roof.

I modelled some simple geometries for the door, the windows and the big side windows in different nodes in the top level node.


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