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Camera Projection | Abandoned Hallway

This post is dedicated for my progress in creating my personal project.


Breakdown Progress:

I started this project by searching for some references in and I found multiple images of buildings and I chose this hallway image that caught my eyes.

Then, I created a basic setup for my camera projection process, which are the walls, floor, and roof. I used a card to create those perspectives and I moved and rotated the camera so the card lined up with the reference image

I did some roto paint and roto out some parts so the illusion of perspective could work properly. I connect the roto node with the ProjectTo3D node and used it as an image source for my cards. I did all the side of the hallway and combined them in one scene.

I decided to add smoke to the scene. I downloaded the stock footage from ActionVFX. By adding a smoke, I think it enhanced the feeling of depth in the scene. The footage has a yellow smoke, so I used shuffle node to change the color of the smoke to white. Using shuffle node, I was able to use the red channel to replace all the RGB channels.

Main components of the scene:

Next I added some flickering light to match what an abandoned building would be like. I also did some color grading to bring down the brightness.

Before: After:

Here is the screenshot of the final node graph:

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