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This post is dedicated for my progress in creating my senior project. Scroll down for each update.


This short film is a senior project that is created by me and my talented friend, Noah Catan who is also a compositor. It is designed to practice and strengthen our compositing skills and some generalist skillsets.

This short film consists shots that connect in conveying a mood and atmosphere to the viewers instead of a traditional movie narrative.



May 18, 2021

I continued working on the pilgrim and started texturing the gloves. My main inspiration for the gloves is the Winter Soldier's arm which is made of vibranium.

I found this medieval type gloves that might fit the pilgrim.

Then, I export it into Substance Painter and tried to create the black gloves with a bit of gold lines.

I tried rendering it out using Iray inside of substance just to see how it looks. Here is the render:

After modified some parameters, I exported the textures to Maya and combined with the pilgrim.

May 6, 2021

I started working on the look dev for the pilgrim after Noah finished sorting the UV. I used Zach's concept as my main reference.

I tried to use the same color scheme for the spaceship into the pilgrim. I added a bit of orange line along the torso.

I created a gold shader for the circle elements to make it pops out with the other garments.

(Zach's concept design)

Here are some screenshot of my current progress:

April 29, 2021

This past couple days, I did some research about World Creator 2 for generating the terrain for our project. I realized that this software is very strong for creating any kinds of mountains or hills.

To start off, I used Zach's concept as my main reference for the terrain. I generate multiple mountains with similar base shapes that I added some various filters and textures.

I also experimented about flow distribution on the mountains to make it more interesting. I might play with the streaks to help enhance the portal shot.


April 27, 2021

This past week I continued on working the lighting for 010-030. We updated our shader for the planet.

Above is the lighting render for sc010. I still need to fix the animated lights to match the animatic. For sc030, I created the base lighting for the spaceship. We discussed about using motion blur for the spaceship and I think it's a great choice to include it!

My next step will be work on the comp for shot 010 - 030.


April 20, 2021

This weekend I was working on the layout for shot 010-030. We organized all the folder and Maya files. We separated the folders for all the shots. We did our layout playblast based on our animatic and we tweaked some things. We also create a reference file for the planet and the spaceship so that the size of each shot would not be 500MB.

Shot 010:

Shot 020:

Shot 030:


April 15, 2021

I continued working on the planet. I experimented using different kind of shaders for the atmosphere. I used two different shaders using Arnold's standard volume to give a sense of depth in the atmosphere. I rendered all the elements separately using render layers.

I combined all the layers in Nuke. I gave these two atmospheres a blur node to blend both renders. I also add the spaceship renders into the scene. I used different directional lights for the planets and the ship because I tried using only 1 light source and the result is not quite good.

As you can see, the texture on the clouds is pixelated. So, we decided to get a larger texture than 16k. We used 21k clouds texture, but somehow it's still looks quite pixelated if we were to view it full screen.

I tried to scaling the UV size for the clouds sphere and it kind of works quite well.

April 13, 2021

This past week, I started doing the helmet model for the pilgrim. I used Zach's concept image as my reference for the helmet. I haven't finished this helmet model and will continue on working on it.

I also began working on the planet for our scene. I tried different texture for the planet. I downloaded the Mars texture and assigned it to a sphere.

We realized that the 4k texture is a bit low resolution for the close up scene. So, Noah found a 21k and 16k textures from NASA that are available for us to download for free.

I used the 21k earth texture set to replace the old 4k texture. I also created a atmosphere which still being worked on. Here is my most recent renders for the planet asset:


April 5, 2021

I continued and finished the look dev for the old spaceship to give it more 'damaged' look. Here are some screenshot of my progress:

Turntable video:

My next step would be doing the modeling and LookDev for the pilgrim's helmet, based on the concept sculpt that Zach, who is an amazing concept artist for our team, is working on at the moment.

April 1, 2021

I continued the look development for the spaceship that we are going to use in the short film. Because some of the models from KitBash3D were not UV properly, I tried my best to create a UV for the model so it allows me to modify it in Substance Painter.

Before After

First, I focused on the wings which consists of 6 different parts. Couple of them has a good UV which I still had to modify.

After that, I import the wings model into Substance Painter and add some dirt and scratches into the wings body.


My next step would be refining the texture, which are resizing the imperfections and maybe add more crack into the wings orange window.


March 29, 2021

This week I did some retouch to the spaceship model. I experimented more about the KitBash3D set to create the model that we're hoping for. Then, I started to continue to the look development aspect. I searched for a reference which has the color scheme that connects somehow with our initial color palette.

I found these reference and I discussed with Noah which color palette would be the best fit in our short film. We ended up choosing the one on the far right.

After that, I did some base texturing for the spaceship. Below are screenshots of my progress:

After I finished it, I created a turntables to see how our model would look in different lighting condition.

My next step would be to create imperfections in the texture for this spaceship so it would look like it has been on a really long voyage.


March 24, 2021

For this week, I planned to create a spaceship for our senior project. After we have a rough sketch of the spaceship ideas, I tried to create the spaceship using a 3D software.

Rough sketch:

I downloaded a 3D model pack from KitBash3D, which contains a bunch of spaceship parts that can be combined into any ship that we want.

Using Maya, I created multiple version of the spaceship. I tried to utilize the elements of sphere to the design.

3D Model:

Here are the screenshots of the spaceship parts that we downloaded from KitBash3D. I experimented using all of those parts and tried to create a spaceship that resembles the rough sketch. Below are the screenshot of the various spaceship that I created:

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