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Grey Cat Green Screen

Project from VSFX 270

This post is dedicated for my process to create this project. Scroll down for progress:


Final Result:


In this project, I created a video using a green screen video and a background image. The green screen video was given by my professor. Here is the raw green screen footage:

The first step that I did was cleaning up the greenscreen. As you can see in the image below, the footage greenscreen has some shadows that could make the keying process much harder.

Here is the revised footage:

Then, I started to keying the greenscreen. I have to use multiple 'Keylight' node to create the alpha of the cat. By using multiple keylight nodes, it helps me to get a good edge matte for different parts of the cat.

Next, I despill the greenscreen using an expression:


When I toggle between the RGB channel and the alpha channel, the edge matte seems a bit too harsh. That is why I decided to fix it using EdgeDetect node which helps me to blur a bit on the edge.

After that, I created a CG shadow to make it more realistic. I used the CornerPin2D node on the alpha channel from the cat which allows me to play with the direction of the shadow.

My final step is to comp it altogether with my chosen background which I downloaded from I did some color grading on the cat to match the contrast of the background.

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