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3D Statue Integration

Project from VSFX 270.

This post is dedicated for my process to create this project.


Final Result:


In this project, I focused on the 3D integration into a live background plate. I downloaded this footage from which was uploaded by the username of fauxels.

Here is the raw footage:

I camera-tracked the footage using NukeX. I used a roto to masked out the part that I did not want to include in the tracking process.

I added a card and cylinder to make it easier when I export it. Both geometry serve as a placeholder for the statue. I exported it as an fbx format.

After I imported the fbx into Maya, I changed the cylinder to the angel model which I downloaded from CGTrader and the HDRI from

After setting up all the render layers, I rendered beauty and shadow layer using Arnold Renderer. Then, I comp it using NukeX. I did some color grading to match the color of the concrete in the footage. Here is the screenshot of the node graph:

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