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3D Mountain Projection

Project from VSFX 270

This post is dedicated for my progress in creating this project. Scroll down for progress.


Final Result:


In this project, I created a video of camera projection which was made from still image using NukeX. The image was given by my professor and I chose this image because it has a great potential to utilize the depth of the environment.

Here is the initial still images:

First, I have to create a projection camera. I added a card and rotated it in the X axis so it could be the ground plane. I translated the camera so that the card could lined up nicely to the ground.

Then, I created a cut out using Roto node for most the elements in the composition. The nearer the elements are, the cut outs have to be more detailed.

Also I created another cut out for the mountains. Even though it's far, I wanted to create a sense of depth in the background.

Each cut out that I have created, I projected to a card and add a displacement using DisplaceGeo node in NukeX. Here is an example for one of the mountain cut outs:

Then I combined all the cut outs into the scene which were placed when I used the projection camera as the point of view. I animated the camera so it looks more realistic as an environment.

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